Terms & Conditions

Credit Card Purchases

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards. We also offer PayPal checkout.

In order for us to process your credit card for the order the billing address and the CVV#, that is the three digit code on the back of your card for Master Card, Visa, and Discover and the four digits on the front right hand corner of your American Express card. To protect you from fraud we may call or e-mail you if the billing address of the credit card and the shipping address do not match.

If your credit card does not go through for any reason your bank may put a hold on your account for that amount. Do not attempt to make the purchase multiple times as this may result in multiple holds being put on your account. Norva Barber Supply is not responsible for any overdraft fees that result from account holds. The amount of time that the hold will be on your account varies depending on your bank and you will need to contact them directly.

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